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Wiser Gems helps companies and individuals develop strategically.  Mirna Hidalgo designs and delivers corporate training and personal coaching programmes that foster leading and living wisely. 

Why Gems? Why Wiser? 

Every person is unique, has talents and the potential to grow.

Think of yourself as a Gem.  A gem is precious and strong.  It is already powerfully charged with qualities.  Every person has the gift of inner wisdom and intuition.

Most of us are great at thinking strategically and promoting others but have difficulty applying this to ourselves.  Others become too focused on fighting for their careers and forget to listen to their inner wisdom.

If you feel the need to grow and unleash your potential, connecting your wisdom to strategic thinking will give you an edge at thriving in your professional and personal lives. Strategic thinking involves creativity and analysis, and also considering all options within a wide context.

If you have already created your expertise or obtained your qualifications, then succeeding at whatever you do depends on two things:  1) yourself and 2) the way you interact with others.

Combine self-mastery with the art of conflict management, negotiation, influencing skills and creative thinking.  You will see that decisions and relationships will be more fluid.  Once you have a clear strategic plan, dealing with day to day tactics will become a game and your negative stress will vanish.

Become appropriately assertive, responsible and courageous.  Give yourself permission to take ownership of your life while balancing self-interest and altruism.  We all have the inner Gem of wisdom.  Getting a little Wiser can make a huge difference in living a meaningful, and therefore happier, life.