Stagnation hurts more than change

deep water


 “The snake that cannot shed its skin perishes. So do the spirits, who are prevented from changing their opinions, they cease to be spirits.”

Nietzsche’s The Dawn


Any kind of transformation requires energy, so in that sense change may be perceived as painful.  On the other hand staying stagnated, stuck in a situation that is not optimal, tied to an inflexible routine can hurt more deeply.  Inaction and procrastination lead to a sense of dissatisfaction that can erode your identity because you are living against your values or wishes.

Sometimes we feel trapped in our lives, and we don’t even realise we are making ourselves miserable.  Difficulties start to make us develop a tunnel vision and suddenly there are no options available.  We fall into fatalism, we are condemned to an existence with a determinism that we accept without questioning.  “I have no time to exercise”, “I need to lose weight but I need my wine and chocolate”, “I don’t like this job but the market is so difficult”, “I’m unhappy in my relationship but it is too late to change”, “I would like to meet someone but I hate networking”…..

What if what we believe derives from rational thinking is not actually reality?  What if we have contributed ourselves to the perception of a reality that is not the life we intend to live and that can be transformed once we take the decisions, change our attitudes and apply ourselves to it?

Confrontation with the idea of our finite existence and the elusiveness of happiness in life is not bad.  But a less dramatic thought can help:  we have all experienced some life changing moments before.  Think about how that happened:  a flash, a realization, new information, meeting someone.

It is impressive to see how some people spend fortunes renewing their houses, changing cars frequently, refurbishing their living-rooms, buying new clothes, having their gardens redone and their hands manicured.  And it is also sad to see how other people retreat from their socials lives and live for the single purpose of working and producing, abandoning their appearance, health, emotional and spiritual needs.

Whatever needs renewal in your life, the first step is the determination to do something about it.  Becoming rebellious against stagnation is taking charge and responsibility for forging our own reality.  Nobody else will do this for us, and if they do, it might not be for the sake of your life and your own desires.

Start today and decide to take control of your life.  That’s the first step.  Once you do this, opportunities pop up, help appears more accessible, there are books, people, courses, friends, coaches, family, places out there waiting for you to discover them and get you inspired.

I have discovered this is true and have met transformational people:  those that helped me see other ways of thinking and perceiving my own life.

What is bothering you?  Is it difficult to take the first step, what if you simply took the time to revise your life from within and assess what you would like to renew? 

Your call and deeper needs deserve attention.  Ignoring the questions will not make them go away.  Stagnation hurts more than change. Just take little steps:  how would you like to feel? what is missing? what do you want more of? what new things do you want to try? what can you give to others? how do you want others to feel around you? what kind of people do you want to spend more time with? what first steps can you take to change in the direction you want?