RenewYou Personal Development



RenewYou is a one day personal development workshop for women who take their choices seriously and want to be in control of their own lives and career.

10 Top Reasons to RenewYou:

10   Relax, take distance
  9   Exchange ideas, imagine your ideal You and your lifestyle
  8   Begin new friendships and benefit from collective wisdom
  7   Cheaper and more practical than therapy
  6   Take time to think about Your Life
  5   Regain control
  4   Reconnect with your inner and postponed wishes
  3   Way more effective than just worrying
  2   Know exactly what needs changing and get a plan ready
 1    You deserve it!


Sometimes you look at your living room and think: “this needs renewal”.  And a fresh new paint in a different colour, and a couple of touches here and there make wonders.  How long has it been since you’ve renovated your own life?  Why not renewing yourself from the inside?  If you feel the need to get in touch with the woman you want to be, taking the decision to take time to rethink how you want to live is a great start.

Join us for inspiration to be the happiest and most effective you.  Take the time to check what needs renewing and come out with a structured plan to tackle the next 12 months.

Who is RenewYou for?

The RenewYou personal development course is designed for any woman at any stage in their life and especially when:

  • you want space to reflect on your life, work out if you’re headed in the right direction
  • you want to make positive and lasting changes
  • you could do with a quick boost of confidence to get going and make your dreams a reality
  • you are at a crossroads career wise, or relationship wise
  • you have ambition to do more, but don’t know what is stopping you

You’ll be stretched a little naturally (but no one is made to disclose more than they wish) and there is positively NO ROLE PLAY! The atmosphere is supportive, energising and encouraging.  You are guided by a professional to identify your own goals and create a concrete strategy.

It’s a long lasting investment in your career, your life, YOU!  Time to stop thinking ‘If only I could…’ and actually start doing what you want to do.   You can make positive life changes as the hundreds of women who have done RenewYou can testify.

What will RenewYou do for you?

  • You’ll get to spend an entire day focusing on YOU and reflecting on what YOU want to achieve in the next 12 months – and beyond! You’ll identify, create and go on to achieve your goals based on my proven, practical and inspirational techniques
  • You’ll discover how to develop high levels of self-confidence
  • You’ll uncover the thoughts that have previously held you back and frustrated your efforts, AND learn how to neutralise them.  You’ll create a great action plan to take you forward and keep you on track
  • You’ll leave with a 12 month workbook to continue your progress at home

This training includes:

  • A full day personal development course,
  • A light and healthy lunch and refreshments,
  • Your journal that will accompany you for the next 12 months
  • A copy of the Wising Up report from Wiser Gems, with 7 steps to  become the Wise Woman you can be, and
  • A follow up 1 hour personal coaching session with me to help you stay on the right track!

I am the only RenewYou licensed trainer in Belgium and will guide you through a day of reflection and self-discovery that will have a great impact in your career and personal choices.

 AT TRANSFORMA, Avenue du Pérou 80, Brussels or at your address for small groups of  6 – Contact me at to check out next courses details. 

This workshop is delivered in small groups, places are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  To register, email or call 32 0477971539.

Places are reserved only upon payment – cancellations not refunded, but will be credited for the following editions of RenewYou under same terms of service.  RenewYou is copyright of Changing People Limited and is delivered under licence