Personal Coaching


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Get inspired and lead yourself towards the light

“Fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.” Bertrand Russell, philosopher. 


You are full of potential.  You know you have great talents but there is always more to learn about yourself.  Let’s face it, life is and will stay full of challenges, either coming from within or thrown at you by others.  Making choices is not easy, and having questions and wanting to grow is a sign of wisdom.

It is never too late to rewrite your story or make your life even more amazing!.  Life cannot just be “happening to you”.  You would be happier if you had more control and directed your energy towards your own goals. Life would be more meaningful.

If you:

  • are feeling dissatisfied or “stuck”
  • feel you are surviving rather than living fully
  • want to re-evaluate your life and career choices
  • are confused and need help defining your goals
  • have a desire to grow or change but lack commitment
  • are a happy person with one foot in the present and another reaching to discover even more sources of meaning,

personal coaching can be a great way of finding strength, companionship and encouragement to achieve your goals.

My programme combines training and coaching.  Training is specifically tailored to your needs so that you develop the skills – your weapons – that will make you thrive in your professional and personal lives.  Once you are armed with what you most need depending on your personal situation, I will support you in tackling your issues, dealing with your challenges and achieving your goals.

Following your needs, we may first spend time creating a strategic personal plan, which I will then support you to implement and stick to it.

I will help you to gently confront your fears, create enthusiasm and motivation and will hold you accountable to your dreams. We will practice together in a safe environment and you will then feel empowered to get ahead and live a coherent life according to your values.

I offer three programmes:

  •  “Go get it” –  short term programme for specific goals.  We will design a strategic plan to define crystal clear goals and you will learn self-coaching techniques that will help you obtain what you desire.  This programme includes 5 sessions of 1:30 hours plus punctual email support and materials prior to each session.
  • “The Art of War for Women” – medium term programme for personal development.  You will get trained in conflict management and negotiation skills that will help you improve your relationships, both professional and private.  This includes 10 sessions of 1:30 hours, materials prior to each session, response to email consultations during preset timings once a week.
  • “You Lead” long term programme for deep transformation. You will design your strategic plan, get armed with conflict management, negotiation and personal influence skills and move onto implementation of the new life you want.  This includes 18 sessions of 1:30 hours, unlimited email support, emergency phone call support and tailor made accountability reminders during the entire coaching period).

Once you learn new techniques and tools, challenges and difficulties will become part of the game of life, you will be stronger and actually derive satisfaction from dealing with whatever happens.  Because you will know you are doing the right thing for you.  Take control of your life.  Only you can do this.

After hearing Mirna speak at an event, her energy, charisma and honesty were inspiring.  I am very fortunate to have her now as my coach who combines practical tips, “stop talking and start doing”  encouragement, the right questions and guidance for reflection.  I am now generating my own positive energy to manage my international team and more importantly, my own life.  I am energized to embrace life both professionally and privately.  Thank you Mirna for opening these doors for me. – Clare, Director.