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Supporting Women to build a Sustainable World

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In addition to my work in the private sector, I am the strategy and leadership Board member at the Digital Leadership Institute International.  This is an NGO, an international leader in developing and deploying initiatives that promote the contribution of women and girls to achieving the Europe 2020 vision of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.  We carry out events that create awareness and interest in STE(A)M studies and careers for girls of all ages, consult on initiatives that broaden the access of girls and women to innovation-led sectors and enterprise, and actively demonstrate the value of a feminine business model for achieving sustainable growth.

As a Board member, I am particularly interested in promoting access to training and education in personal development and interpersonal skills which today are not part of formal education programmes and remain accessible only through elite business schools.  All women deserve access to strategic thinking techniques, conflict management and negotiation skills.

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