Corporate Training

The Wiser Gems corporate and institutional training programme has been specially conceived to capitalize on diversity and organisational research to advance people through improved interaction in the work environment towards leadership positions.

Training modules are tailor made and cover:

  •  Self confidence and stress management – with a focus on self-mastery and burn-out prevention
  •  Assertiveness and Effective communication – sharpening your networking skills and presenting with impact, impression management and the psychology of first impressions
  • Conflict management and Negotiation – design the best strategy, understand your natural preferences and create opportunities for collaboration
  • Emotional intelligence – understand the role of emotions and learn techniques for appropriate regulation
  • Strategic and Creative Thinking – get familiar with systems thinking and create environments that favour creativity and innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion: creating a culture that values individual contributions, favours creative exchange and collaboration.  Special programmes supporting female potential to step into wisdom and promote wise leadership
  • Personal Influence – including leading with authority, becoming a “titleless” leader and developing political skills.
  • Team facilitation –  I also help teams communicate in a neutral environment about their differences and create appropriate opportunities for conflict resolution.

The teaching method is based on socio-constructivism and active participation.  I strongly believe that soft skills are best developed when people are able to engage in self-reflection and have the opportunity to see how these skills can benefit their own personal lives.  I use integrated techniques which alternate theoretical background, game theory, time for introspection and group interaction.

Attention to individuality and authenticity are part of my values, together with a conscious preparation of the understanding of the cultural and corporate environment in which individuals work.

I am constantly researching the intersection between legal science, cognitive psychology, economics and the latest advancements of neuroscience which converge in a new approach towards conflict and negotiation studies and demonstrate the need to move away from a purely rational methodology.  Acknowledging that both knowledge and emotions play a role in human interaction is the key to effective people skills developme