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 “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

This is what clients say about Mirna’s coaching

  • “Mirna has an extraordinary capacity to make every problem seem manageable and help you find your own solutions. She has the key to understand why other people react like they do. I have learned and changed my approach to interpersonal relationships”, Marianne, Senior Legal Counsel

  • “I am a very resourceful person and generally know how to find solutions.  But sometimes you need someone with a high degree of professionalism and commitment.  I count myself very lucky to have Mirna as my coach”, Carolyn, Entrepreneur and Board Director

  • “A great way of using self-reflection to gain confidence. This is what personal growth is about”, Ana Cristina, Psychologist 

This is what people say about Mirna’s public speaking and corporate training 

  • « Excellent mix of theoretical background and immediate practical application, gives incisive insight”, Emmanuel, Researcher

  • “I will use what I learned everywhere, everyday”, Lee, University Student 

  • “I realised that most knowledge is within ourselves and this course helped us rediscover our abilities and use them”, Ali, Technology Manager

  • “Conflict management and negotiation can help the youth achieve personal and societal transformation.  Thanks for the inspiration and tools” Michael, Journalist

  • “Interpersonal skills training should be mandatory for anyone who aspires to be a change agent”, Ignacio, Team Manager

  • “Team work is indispensable in my job, I now know how to improve my team”, Ceiz, Project Manager

  • “I attended Mirna’s workshop over conflict management. She has a great talent to grab the audience’s attention in a relaxed and playfull way to transmit efficiently her message and experience.  In a very interactive approach, participants feel involved and come out of the session with concrete tools to deal with conflicts. Mirna is a great coach and speaker. I warmly recommend her”, Vanessa, Area Sales Manager

  • “Conflicts are part of life…  Mirna helps  you to find and use the keys to dismantle or prevent those small or bigger emotional bombs in day to day life. It’s very useful for anyone wanting to build healthy and  lasting professional and personal relationships”. Catherine, Executive Assistant.